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Name Hajime Kinoko
Cast Time Dec 21th 19:00~

Photographer, Rope Artist, Nawashi (Rope Master)

Wikipedia explains Nawashi as “Nawashi” (縄師) (noun; lit. "rope master", "rope teacher" or "maker of string"), is a word which in SM circles it means "rope artist". Nawashi are those who have some recognized proficiency in the historic erotic art of kinbaku (緊縛) (lit. tight binding) or kinbaku-bi (lit. beautiful bondage).” Nawashi, Hajime Kinoko is widely known not only as a “nawashi” in a traditional sense, but also an artist who expands outside of the erotic realm, binding things in nature such as trees and rocks, even an empty space. He has also recently published his photography works as well as works of mixed media. His unique style is infiltrating into a realm of modern pop art. He has performed and given workshops as one of Japan’s top rope masters in over 20 major cities abroad - Paris, London, Munich just to name a few.