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Name Horiren 1st


Japanese Tattoo Artist & Designer

20th Anniversary Event, 2018

In 2018, renowned tattoo ‘irezumi’ artist, Hori-Ren 1st will be celebrating her 20th year of tattooing.

Having received numerous awards at various conventions, Hori-Ren is revered as a true master of Japanese tattooing. In addition to ink and flesh, Hori-Ren is actively involved in a range of fields both in Japan and internationally; having designed the graphics for Swiss watch-maker, Swatch, alongside appearing in the Hollywood film Outsider.

Holding a strong belief in the Japanese principle of “ishi-ren-taku-sho” – that we all share the same fate – Hori Ren has dedicated her life to tattooing; spending countless hours with
clients with whom she shares life, a community and ultimately the same destination in life.

Hori-Ren would like to invite you, the community and the world to share in celebrating The 20th Anniversary of Hori-Ren the 1st.