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Name Taketeru Kudo
Cast Time Dec 20th 19:00~19:30

Born in 1967 in Tokyo. A graduate of the department of French literature at Keio University. Initially he focused his activities on stage acting, but changed his path after his first encounter with butoh dance. He traveled to the United States and studied under Koichi Tamano. After appearing in works by Yukio Waguri, he began solo performance in 1992. From 1995 _1998 he was a member of Sankai Juku. He played a large role in the opening and development of studio Asbestos-kan, contributing with dance as well as choreography. Recently he regularly performs and holds workshops worldwide. In 2005 he received a prize from Dance Critic Association Award for his solo work "Akimegusa". He also won a Golden Mask award in Russia for playing the main role of "Full Moon" in 2011_2013.

solo works
La TragediaⅠ~Ⅲ ('91~'93,Tokyo, music:Kazue Sawai etc.)
The Nuclear Tunny ('99, Yokohama, music:Keiji Haino)
Yoengui ('01, Nagoya, Sendai, USA, Russia, etc.)
Shishikyo ('03, Tokyo, Nancy)
Akimegusa ('04, Tokyo)
A Karman Exposer ('07, Israel, Europe, NYC, Russia, Canada, Hokkaido, etc.)
A Vessel of Ruins ('11, Tokyo, Kyoto, Sendai, Akita, Israel, Canada, Europe, Russia)
The Construction Site ('12 Tokyo, Kiryu, Bennington)
The Umbrella Goes West (’14 Tokyo)
My Paganism (’15 Tokyo)
The Love of Terror (’17 Tokyo, Mexico City etc.)

company works &collaboration
The Golden Circle ('97, Tokyo, company work with actors from Tenjo-Sajiki)
Alteration of Alterations ('97, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Warsaw. Art: M. Abakanovics)
O-shila('00, Paris music: Keiji Haino)
Kokuge ('03, Tokyo, Trio with Jun Wakabayashi and Tetsu Saito)
Exploded Views('04, Japan Israel, Mexico, Korea, work with Theater Clipa)
Stray Birds('05&'11, Tokyo, USA, Paris, work with Michael Pestel)
The Cell of the Vengence ('06, Tokyo, Israel, duo with Jun Wakabayashi)
Butoh-Kagura Orgy Navigation ('09, work with kagura artist, Gaishi Ishizaka)
The light is falling on the abandoned garden ('12, Tokyo)
The Copper Cavalier ('11, Tokyo, work with Gaishi Ishizaka)
Jazz-Butoh Emotional Syndicate ('12 Tokyo, with Eiichi Hayashi)
The Dream of Descending to the Ocean ('13 Tokyo)
The Umbrella Goes West (’15 Tokyo)
The Emotional Syndicate―extra (`15 Tokyo Trio with Yasuaki Shimizu & Michael Pestel)

CHIAROSUCULO('93, SF, work of Koichi Tamano)
King Lier ('93, Tokyo, Theater Group TAO as a role of Cordilier)
The castle flying in the sky ('93, Yokohama, work of Kazuo Ohno)
Nichigetsutan ('95, Tokyo, work of Yukio Waguri)
Unetsu ('95~'98, work of Sankaijuku)
Together with Tatsumi Hijikata('98, Tokyo, work of Akiko Motofuji)
Itojigoku ('06, Tokyo, work of Rio Kishida)
Marie Vison ('08, Tokyo, work of Shuji Terayama)
King Lear (‘14, Banyuu-Inryoku Co. Direction : J.A. Caesar)
etc. etc....

workshops : Asbestos-kan '00~'03.
Bennington College '01&14 Dance01 Studio, Tokyo ‘06~
Territory in Russia, '09&'12 Hiroshima Municipal Univ. '09 &'11
WW Festival in Tokyo '10 &'11
LaFayette College ’14 and others.....

The prize of Japan Dance Critic Society (2005)
Golden Mask ('13 Russia)