Horiren the First’s, “Ichiren-Takusho”, has now been added to the National Diet Library’s collection of books

We are excited to announce that HorirenⅠ  “Ichiren-Takusho”, is now amongst the selection of books kept at the National Diet Library (in the Tokyo Main Building, per order request it is also possible to view in the Kansai Building of the NDL).


* “Ichiren-Takusho” is the title of the photography book containing a collection of over twenty years of HorirenⅠ’s work, as a tattoo artist.

We hope that this book will be a bridge for posterity.


* “Ichiren-takusho” comes from a Japanese saying meaning to be together, throughout life’s hardships and happiness, until death.


This saying originally comes from the Buddhist belief that sees the human race on a bed of lotus flowers after death, thus alternately meaning to one day share the same bed of lotus flowers in paradise after death (paraphrased from the book, “Ichiren-Takusho” p. 7).


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