How to Purchase Ichiren Takusho, Artist Horiren’s 20th Anniversary Book

Heisei 30 was Artist Horiren 1st’s 20th Anniversary year and the year she turned 50 years old. She is releasing the one and only Ichiren Takusho, which documents not only her Irezumi work, but also some thought provoking current affairs and culture, welcoming you to the world of Artist Horiren 1st.


Ichiren Takusho
500 pages with English translation


Limited to 1000 copies only
18,000 JPY within Japan




【Important Notice】
After her 20th Anniversary Festival in 2018, due to her health issues, Horiren 1st has been in and out of the hospital resulting in some delays of the shipment of the books. She and her staff sincerely apologize all this may have affected.
The campaign for the pre-sale ended, but you can still get your copy at a discounted price of 15,000 JPY within Japan if you are the next 800 people to order.




English 日本語