“Ichiren Takusho”, Horiren the First’s 20th Anniversary Photographic Anthology Book

Coloring Heisei, beginning in 1998, a collection of HorirenⅠ’s tattoos and paintings commemorating the 20th anniversary since her first work as a Tattooist.


This thought provoking work of art, created while the artist was undergoing painful treatments in her fight with breast cancer, not only presents HorirenⅠ’s Irezumi (tattoo) work and paintings, but also serves as a record of the devastation of natural disasters and the social status that tattoos represent in Japan.


It is a book of souls, a collection made possible with the aid of close friends and a testament to the spirit of the artist HorirenⅠ.


Limited edition of 1000 books:

500 pages of gorgeous work, full color and black and white, with English translation

Handwritten numbering

Autographed individually with HorirenⅠ’s handprint

List price JPY15,000


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