3. Horiren the First’s 20th Anniversary Festival “Ichiren-Takusho” ー A shared and common fate

HorirenⅠ’s Photo-book Launch Party & Art Exhibition in Osaka

December 3 to 9, 2018


Opening Time
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The works of art carved into the flesh by Horiren 1st as captured by seven different photographers.


Also featuring:


Alluring live performances by a close-knit

selection of highly renowned performance artists.


A view into the world of the irezumi as expressed by body-paint artists, and more…

HorirenⅠ invites you to witness and enjoy
seven full days of ‘made in Japan’ art and drinking inside one big Black Box.

Irezumi (tattoo)
ーKinbaku (traditional Japanese rope bondage) ー Dance

Black Box Gallery

Garbo Koraibashi Bldg.

Koraibashi 3-1-8, Chuo Ward

Osaka city, Japan

TEL:06-6228-1010 FAX:06-6233-0371

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