After graduating from design college, Horiren started out working for a computer game company.
While she later moved onto becoming a muralist the irezumi (traditional tattoo) captivated her, and at 30 years of age, after years of self-study, she began her career as a irezumi-shi (tattoo artist).
As the first in line of irezumi-shi to take the name Horiren, she is constantly pursuing greater heights in the industry.

Horiren 1st's photo
Commenced her career as irezumi-shi
2004 (Apr.)
Organized a photographic exhibition at Le Deco Gallery, Shibuya disctrict, Tokyo
2004 (May)
Participated in the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention
2005 (Jun.)
Awarded the following awards at the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention
2006 (May)
Established Lotus Co., Ltd
2006 (Jun.)
Participated in the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention. Received the same 3 awards as in 2005
2007 (Oct.)
Received 3rd place for Best Color Tattoo at the London Tattoo Convention
2008 (Jan.)
Participated in the production of a music video, “Deai no Kakera” by Ketsumeishi
2008 (Oct.)
Live painting at Swatch Ginza
2008 (Nov.)
Organized “Dai-ren-sai”ー10th Anniversary as Irezumi-shi celebration event at Urawa Royal Pines Hotel. 350 people attended.
2008 (Dec.)
Live tattooing and a lecture on Irezumi at Kawanabe Kyosai Memorial Museum
2009 (Aug.)
Tattoo Jam, Doncaster, UK
2010 (Jan.)
Bangkok International Tattoo Convention
2010 (Jan.)
Collaborated with Kaname Ozuma on a live body painting
2010 (Aug.)
Won ‘Best of Show’ award at the Tattoo Hollywood Convention, LA, USA
2011 (May)
Took part in volunteer efforts in Fukushima after Great East Japan Earthquake/Tsunami hit Japan.
2011 (Agt.)
Irezumi designs on Shofukutei-Tsurube II for the film, “Dreams for Sale”
2011 (Oct.)
Received first placed at the Osaka Tattoo Convention
2011 (Dec.)
Organized Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery event named “Kechigan” (festival for requests and expressions of thanks to the gods).
in Aoyama prefecture. Conducted a live painting performance of a tiger to introduce the “Tora-mai” (traditional tiger dance)
2012 (Feb.)
Production of the banner for the “Toramai (Tiger Dance)” of Otsuchi, Iwate’s London performance
2012 (May-Jun)
Organized a photographic exhibition titled JAPAN? in collaboration with photographer, Hiroyuki Hara
2012 (Jun.)
Lecture on nuclear power and the Great East Japan Eearthquake and Tsunami at a photography-painting eshibition, “JAPAN?”
2012 (Aug.)
Guest appearance at Amsterdam Tattoo Museum
2012 (Sep.)
Participated in a tattoo convention, “Tattoo Syndrome” in Oksaka
2012 (Nov.)
Live tattooing at a music event, “OSAKA蛍(hotaru)FIREFLY”
2013 (Apl.)
Participated in a tattoo convention “Straight Life” in Osaka
2013 (Nov.)
Word Gallery: Online gallery posted on Facebook account of 100 friends from around the world
featuring the photographs of Horiren’s work, the friends and their artworks.
2014 (Mar.)
Held Joint exhibition ‘Dance, Dance Tiger’ with photographer Mayumi Hirata in London.
The exhibit featured photographs, video and installations by Mayumi Hirata together with Horiren 1st’s scroll paintings.
2014 (Jun.)
“Heaven, Earth and People” Exhibition in Luxembourg Collaboration with the photographer Mayumi Hirata,
3D artist Serge Tucker and Hotiren’s Scroll pairing of Buddhas and God’s.
2014 (Sep.)
Featured in an exhibition, “Tattoo Electric”
2015 (May)
Live body paint show at a gallery Shinjuku-Za, in Tokyo
2015 (Nov.)
Lithuania: Took part in a live tattoo show and presented an essay on history of the Japanese irezumi
2015 (Nov.)
Held exhibition at the Kawanabe Kyosai Memorial Museum. Showcased 30 artworks
by Horiren which were inspired by the works of famous 19th century Japanese painter, Kyosai Kawanabe
2016 (May)
Organized a live tattoo show at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada
2017 (Jun.)
Live body painting at “Yoko Ozuma Nanakaiki (6th anniversary of a death) Original Painting Exhibition”
2018 (Apr.)
Her work was exhibited at Tua Aronui – Beyond the Line at the Embassy of New Zealand in Shibuya, Tokyo
2018 (May)
Helped organize a cultural exchange event with the Maori people.
The Haka performance by the Maori dancers was dedicated to Warabi Shrine, and was picked up by major Japanese media
2018 (Nov.)
Her original artworks were exhibited at “Kyosai Kawanabe ni Miserarete Pt.II”, held at Kawanabe Kyosai Memorial Museum
2018 (Dec.)
Published “Ichiren-Takusho”, a photographic anthology book (limited to 1,000 copies)
2018 (Dec.)
Ichiren-Takusho, Horiren 1st, 20th anniversary photo exhibition was held at Black Box in Osaka
2018 (Dec.)
Ichiren-Takusho, Horiren 1st, 20th anniversary photo exhibition was held at Le Deco in Tokyo
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