23 November 2013 ! Horiren the First 15th Anniversary World Gallery

Thanks to you and everyone who has supported me along the way, this year

marks my 15th anniversary as a tattoo artist.


Now, I’m working on a project . It’s a worldwide exhibition that connects

all my favorite artists and their friends and fans all over the world at the same time.

Every tattoo artist or shop who participate will be linked by HorirenⅠ’s art work.

This is an interactive virtual world gallery, that I have been dreaming of for so many years.


★On 23 November 2013 , the picture of HorirenⅠ’s work with HorirenⅠ’s favorite artists

and friends and fans will be uploaded on their Facebook, Instagram,

any other social networking sites .


★On 24 November 2013 , it will report the situation to this home page.


“A dot connects to another dot and becomes a line to form a big circle around the world.”
(Even though we live far apart we are all connected.)


So check it out!


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