As a tattoo artist, as a priest.


July 24, 2021


Horiren, the First, continues her work as a tattooist and artist, further enriched by having been ordained into the Shingon Buddhist priesthood.

Ordination Ceremony of Horiren, the First

Dharma name: Rensho


Formal Master (Priest teacher): Acharya Ryozen Tateba, Kongo Hokaku Daishino Temple, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture


This ceremony is the first step in the process of becoming a Buddhist monk.
The formal master, who is the priest teacher, asks the disciple to shave their head as a symbol of departing the secular world.


Leaving worldly attachments behind, a garment (Kesa) and prayer beads (mala) are bestowed to the disciple by the formal master, once worn the disciple receives the precepts to make a sincere vow to Buddha and join the ranks of monks.


Dharma name, given by the formal master: Rensho (Lotus light)


The lotus is the pedestal of Buddha and a symbol of enlightenment. May Buddha watch over us and the light of their precious teachings guide us in illuminating our lives and the lives of others. . .

Horiren, the First, has lived single mindedly committed to the belief of Ichiren-Takusho


* “Ichiren-Takusho” comes from a Japanese saying meaning to be together, throughout life’s hardships and happiness, until death.
This saying originally comes from the Buddhist belief that sees the human race on a bed of lotus flowers after death, thus alternately meaning to one day share the same bed of lotus flowers in paradise after death (paraphrased from the book, “Ichiren-Takusho” p. 7).


Like the light that illuminates the lotus,

I will live a life worthy of this name.


Movie:Ohji ogawa

Translator: Destiny


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