My tattoo name, Horiren not only relates to Hasuda-City (in Kanji, meaning “Lotus Patch City”) in Saitama prefecture, a place where I first began working as a professional tattoo artist, but also is a reflection of my belief in tattoos.

Irezumi, or tattoos, are defined as marks featuring an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin [*by The Concise Oxford English Dictionary]. By inserting pigment into the punctures, tattoo artists put indelible marks on human skin. Though it is indelible, the mark has a life. As the skin ages, the initial vibrant colours lose their original freshness. As flowers bloom, but one day wilt, my work is destined to age and fade with people carrying my works and nothing is left after the human bodies perish. This is the reality.

Because there is no eternity this transience itself is a representation of what makes our life beautiful.There is a saying in Japanese “Ichiren-takusho” .It means to be together throughout life until death, whether it may be in hardship or in happiness.The saying originally comes from the Buddhist belief that sees the human race on a bed of lotus flowers after death. Thus, Ichiren-takusho alternatively means to one day share the same bed of lotus flowers in paradise after death.

My name, Horiren takes the word “ren” , or lotus flower, from Ichiren-takusho.I chose this name as a statement of my dedication that I devote my whole life to this profession and to one day be found on the same lotus flower bed with all those who lived and died bearing my work.I train myself everyday to improve my skills and my abilities so that my work may inspire younger artists to heighten our techniques over the next generation. My lotus will finally bear fruit when we achieve better understanding of this art in the society.

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